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Hearing Aids and Accessories

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One of the biggest determining factors in the success of treating a hearing problem, lies not only in picking the correct hearing aid, but more importantly, on the person doing the programming or ‘fitting’ of the device.  Jason is a university trained Audiologist with over 22 years experience and has the latest equipment in the industry.

At Gordon Hearing, we don’t believe in sales gimmicks and instead offer lower everyday pricing, in a low pressure environment and have a 100% price guarantee.  We believe that everyone should have access to hearing care, and we offer a variety of price categories that will meet most budgets.  We also have a one year, no interest payment plan option as well that many folks use. 

Assistive Devices

You can also receive a demonstration on any of an array of devices specially design to improve the clarity of sound in specific situations where you may be experiencing challenges.

These helpful items can improve your day-to-day communication for a minimal investment:

Hearing Protection